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Content and format specification

Content and format specification of Daily Digest - COVID-19 IN FRANCE

Wording and translation#

🏡 Care Facilities

For French care facilities, this website uses the following English translations.

French nameTranslationFrench full form
EHPADEPHADétablissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes
EMSEMSétablissement médico-social
USLDlong-term care unitunité de soins de longue durée

EHPAD and EMS literally mean accommodation establishment for dependent elderly people and medico-social establishment, and can both correspond to nursing home, retirement home or old people's home in English. This website decided to keep the French names for these two terms.


📆 Date#

This website uses day-month-year order for dates (except for dates in image file names, which use the YYYY-MM-DD format).

For example: 31/12/2020, 31/12, 31 December

🔣 Punctuation#

English sentences follow English punctuation rules. French sentences follow French punctuation rules.

For example: In French, a space is needed
  • before question marks and exclamation marks
  • before and after colons and semicolons

0️⃣ Numbers#

For ease of reading, the whole part of a number is separated by a comma for every three digits (called a thousands separator). Of course, some figures, such as years, will remain pure numbers without any thousands separator.

Notice that in French, a comma is used in place of a decimal point, and a space or period is used as the thousands separator.

For example: 1,234,567.89 (and 1 234 567,89 or 1.234.567,89 in French).

🧩 Miscellaneous#

When using the per cent sign %, the number immediately precedes the symbol without a space (for example: 10%).