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🎯 Purpose of this site#

This site aims to provide daily COVID-19 statistics and news in France in the form of a daily digest, so that readers can quickly grasp the epidemic situation in France and easily find historical information.

📦 The source code of this website can be found here on GitHub.

🌱 About the website's creator#

Hi! I'm FISH UP, the creator of this website. My real name is YU Shang-Chun (pronounced the same as Mister FISH UP in Mandarin Chinese, hence the pseudonym 😉). I enjoyed designing and building this site, and I hope you like it and find it useful!

Here's my CV for those who are curious (spoiler: contains Easter eggs 😋).

🤗 Support this site#

If you find this site helpful, don't hesitate to share it with your friends and family, it will be a great support and encouragement to me 💪!

You can also 🍰 Buy me a cake to support this site and my continued work more directly.

✍️ Contact information#

If you have any questions, find any mistake in the content, or simply want to express your support 😀, you can

👋🏼 Collaboration#

Any discussions or collaborations are welcome!

If you:

  • would like to discuss web design, web development, Chinese/English/French translation and interpretation, foreign language learning
  • are looking for someone who is both creative and organised, and who works rigorously and efficiently
  • would like to learn or discuss mathematics (?)
  • just want to make friends

Feel free to contact me via the contact information above!